What makes our product unique?

Thermoline insulation products work on the priciple of thermal separation.

Our microporous insulation materials are highly insulating panels,

which offers an extremly high thermal insualtion with a minimum of thickness.

Between the spherical particles only point-like transitions form.

The result is a very low solid state conductivity.



What are our Thermoline insulation products made of?

Typically the microporous material is made of inorganci silicates.

The main ingredient is fumed silica and the other ingredients are opacifiers to minimize infrare radiaton.



What do Thermoline insulation products do?


Thermoline insulation products are up to 8 times higher in thermal insulation performace as conventional insulations of the same thickness.

With the same insulation effect our products are able to e.g. layer thickness reduced by a factor of 8 and weight can be reduced by a factor of 2 to 15.

This reduces energy cunsumption considerably.

In addition our microporous insulation parts are characterized by their longevity.


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