TH Profil K+

Microporous insulation

TH Profil K+ is a microporous thermal insulation material with extremely low thermal conductivites, which has a very good insulation capacity.

TH Profil K+ consists of inorganic an silicate substances. Main component is fumed silica.

Other ingredients are opacifiers to minimize infrared radiation and reinforcing glass filaments.

TH Profil K+ is not flammable and meets the requirements of DIN 4102 of fire class A1.

Thanks to our special manufacturing process we are able to produce highly effective insulation in very complex shapes even for the smallest space.

Those insulations are suitable for a temperature range of application of up to 1100°C after coating.

Operating temperature range

up to 1100°C

Possible applications

  • Automotive industry
  • Space travel
  • Microelectronics
  • Motorsport
  • Solar industry
  • ...

Possible sizes

Any complex shape up to a size of 1000 mm x 650 mm possible


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