This is us!

As a specialist for high-temperature insulation from the Allgäu region, we have been offering tailor-made microporous insulation parts for over 20 years.

Our highly complex precision parts are used global in all industrial sectors where excellent insulation in confined spaces is required.



Since our foundation in 1999 we are continuously working on the further development of our products as well as on ourselves as a producer and employer.

Thus we create innovative and qualitatively excellent solutions for energy saving.

We give your products not only a simple insulation protecting but also an individual made-to-measure which is ecologically safe and meets the latest technical standards.




  • environmentally friendly material that is harmless to health
  • long-standing and trusting relationship with our customers
  • professionalism, flexibility and best quality in all areas
  • loyal and reliable employees


These and many more points distinguish us as a reliable and trustworthy business partner.


– Convince yourself!

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